Wednesday, 4 May 2011

tearsdrop in the rAin

One thing finally confirmed.

" I'll always pray for u.. looking forward to see u in the future, .everything happened for reasons.. we broke up and u find someone better.. u really deserved someone who care bout u.. maybe i'm not good enough to be with u..  do your best in your life, now and future.. good luck for ur life..i knw u can be a good doc !.. do take care. dont pressure urself. and all the best for everything.. may Allah bless u 

p/s : u found someone who really made u happy.. the one who can always be by ur side, always have time for u, n im happy for it.. i know she will be the star for ur days, the one that u cant live without..

okayyyyy...intan nasuha dah de azam baru !!! like hello !! AZAM BARUUUUU OKAYYYY !!!
aq dh xnak sedih2x dh..xnk nges2x dh..xnak sket pale dh..xnak semuuu yg negative dh !!! skrng aq juz nk focus kt my own life..happy gan family..kwan n paling penting happy kt diri sendiri !! more awak - RUSSIAN ROULETTE ...insya allah...

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